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Meat Smoking is the next big thing in the BBQ industry. Smokers’ war is never-ending as there are quite a few different sources to power the smoker. for comparing Electric smoker VS wood smoker we can compare and explore many things.

 The source of power in a smoker is a significant thing to consider as the final cooked product very much depends that which type of smoker you used for cooking food. Two of the most popular smokers are electric and wood smokers.

Both have their own specific set of good things and the limitations that we will be discussing here. This will help you to decide which type of smoker between electric or wood should be the most preferred one.

What is a Wood Smoker?

A wood smoker is actually the most common of all the available smokers. They are typically designed to smoke food items of any sort by burning charcoal and/ or wood. The fuel, which in this case is wood or charcoal could be added into the fuel compartment of the wood smoker.

 Once, the desired temperature of the unit is reached, then the food to be smoke-cooked could be placed inside the unit. Smokers of this type only get the heat for smoking through the burning woods only and/ or charcoal for the sake of cooking foodstuff.

You will find the wood smokers much alike the charcoal grills, where both of the cooking equipment features a fuel compartment and a cooking grate as well.

However, a lot of the wood smokers available today are engineered with an offset section for fuel. This is actually a characteristic or a feature that you wouldn’t see in the charcoal grills.

The offset fuel section of the smoker is also alternately known as the firebox. You will find it normally by the side of the smoker, which allows you to prepare food at some temperature that is lower as compared to grilling.

With the charcoal type of grill, you can put the charcoal or wood into the firebox right beneath the cooking grate. In response to this, your food will get more exposure to heat, while making it tough for getting any low temperature, which is mandatory when smoking meat.

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Perks of a Wood Smoker:


Wood smokers are good for producing great flavor in comparison to the electric smoker. Flavorful compounds are also a possibility with the wood that gives, better, rich and tasty food products. The excellent flavor is promised, no matter, if you are smoking chicken, beef, fish or any other type of meat.

 Many electric smokers might also not have the support for adding wood flavor. If you have any such type of an electric smoker, then your smoking would be very rigid and you wouldn’t be able to take benefit of wood chunks.

Wood smokers are diverse and could be used anywhere in or around your house. On the other end, the electric smokers are obviously corded and you need to put the unit somewhere in access to the electric power source. If there is no source nearby then you will not be able to use such a smoker. This is not a problem thankfully with the wood smokers.

Finally, wood smokers are relatively cheaper in price as compared to electric smokers generally.

What is an Electric Smoker?

Just as evident from the name, the electric type smoker or the electric smoker is designed to operate using an electrically sourced heating element. The electricity, in this case, is used to produce the required heat. Once such a smoker is switched one, then electricity travels right through the heating element. It travels until it gets to a specified temperature.

Almost all the electric smokers available today have a digital control interface. That interface is highly interactive and that could be used for lowering or increasing the temperature of the smoker. Turning the temperature up would make more electricity to travel through the heating element. On the other side, turning down the temperature would consume less electricity that travels to the heating element.

Although the subject smokers are sourced through electricity, they support wood usage as well. The wood-burning feature is employed either by using a tray or a specific compartment, which could be employed for smoking chunks in order to produce the best and the most desirable smoke.

The electric smokers, however, still heavily relies on an electricity source to power the heating section for achieving a particular temperature. But, you could also add in your preferred wood chunks in order to produce a delicate smoky flavor.

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Perks of an Electric Smoker

In most of the settings, wood smokers normally are the unanimous choice of seasoned chefs. It is mainly because of the excellent flavor they produce. However, there are many reasons on the other side to still consider and bring a top-quality electric smoker home. The best advantage of employing an electric smoker into use is its convenience, where you have full command over the temperature setting.

As most of the smoking enthusiasts know that the electric type smokers come with a digital interface, where you can easily control the electric smoker’s temperature. Apart from the temperature control easiness, the majority of electric smokers could support to cook quite a lot of food in comparison to wood smokers.

People familiar with the wood smokers are aware that such types only come with a single cooking grate only.

 On the other end, the electric types could have half a dozen or even more than that in terms of their racks for cooking. Each of these racks could be employed to be filled with veggies, meats or any other food of your choice.

Electric vs Wood smoker
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Final Verdict

You have the luxury of smoke-cooking the finest food items by using either an electric smoker or a wood smoker. In the Electric Smoker Vs Wood Smoker comparison, the wood smokers have proved to be much superior, when it comes to producing flavorful and rich food content.

However, electric smokers are spacious and give you great command over its temperature, where wood smokers are not that resourceful.


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