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Smoker vs BBQ- Which is healthier?

Grilling is one of the most favorite outdoor food activities of many of the Americans... Things in the grilling industry have evolved big time in recent years and smoker is a significant one of them. Smokers have quickly made their place in the mainstream outdoor cooking units and it has many fans not just in America, but beyond as well.But sometimes it becomes hard to decide between Smoker vs BBQ. If you are a fan of the grill then you might be thinking that if a grill is a right choice for you or a smoker. It is not at all an easy decision to make. We need to evaluate both the BBQ grilling process and smoker on the basis of their features and major differences. The Basics of Smoking VS. BBQ: Before we jump onto the actual smoker and grill product rhetoric, we need to first see the difference between smoking and BBQ. Starting with BBQ, it is basically a process or a technique to cook food through a dry heat source. The heat source, in this case, could be coal, propa

Electric Smoker Vs Wood Smoker

Introduction: Meat Smoking is the next big thing in the BBQ industry. Smokers’ war is never-ending as there are quite a few different sources to power the smoker. for comparing Electric smoker VS wood smoker we can compare and explore many things.  The source of power in a smoker is a significant thing to consider as the final cooked product very much depends that which type of smoker you used for cooking food. Two of the most popular smokers are electric and wood smokers. Both have their own specific set of good things and the limitations that we will be discussing here. This will help you to decide which type of smoker between electric or wood should be the most preferred one. What is a Wood Smoker? A wood smoker is actually the most common of all the available smokers. They are typically designed to smoke food items of any sort by burning charcoal and/ or wood. The fuel, which in this case is wood or charcoal could be added into the fuel compartment of the wood smoker